A Company With a Heart

At the heart of QNET lies a strong purpose. Anyone who has been a part of the company, either as an employee or an Independent Representative, knows that the common philosophy that brings together people from all over the world is RYTHM – Raise Yourself To Help Mankind.

Our founders have always advocated the need to work for a common purpose beyond money. They believe that money is primarily a tool that must be used to raise peoples’ lives, to touch someone’s heart and make a lasting impact. These ideals that has been the lifeblood of the RYTHM Foundation and its Malaysian chapter, the Vijayaratnam Foundation. Both Foundations serve as the implementing partners for QNET’s philanthropic initiatives.

All our projects are anchored to four pillars:

  • Education
  • Community Development
  • Arts & Culture
  • The Environment

QNET works closely with RYTHM Foundation on a number of projects in developing countries to make a difference in the communities in which we operate. Be it working with special needs children, supporting homes for the disabled, funding hospitals for cancer treatment and heart surgery for children, mentoring adolescents from low income families and much, much more, QNET believes in not just writing a cheque but getting involved and working towards sustainable change.

QNET IRs around the world work hand in hand with us to help make a difference in their communities.

Introducing Qnet

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